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  • Architectural Masonry
    Established in 1934, Genest Concrete Works, Inc. is the leading producer of architectural concrete masonry and interlocking pavement products in Northern New England. Texture, color and shape play an important role in design. Genest has a portfolio of architectural concrete products that continues to grow with the creative minds that design with our products.
  • Interlocking Concrete Paving Stones
    Since 1987 Genest paving stones have been installed on small town walkways, busy plazas, hectic city sidewalks and well dressed patios throughout New England. Genest paving stones can be used for practically any kind of pavement and are preferred over conventional asphalt and poured concrete because of their beauty, low maintenance and ease of replacement when subsurface repairs are needed.
  • Stormwater Management Products
    Tidewater Stone, Stormwater Brick 5" x 11", Stormwater Brick 4" x 8" & Duragreen. The Genest Stormwater Control products used as part of a permeable pavement system is an excellent way to control runoff water. The aggregate base used in the system helps to filter and reduce pollutants. The ground water is recharged because the water is not running off the pavement. Not only does it collect and properly handle storm water, but provides a functional and attractive paving solution.
  • Retaining Walls
    Genest has experience in virtually any type of project. Tall walls, commercial developments and residential landscapes, DOT projects and water applications. We offer innovative new designs, durable products and engineering design support services. We can recommend the right product for your specific project.
  • Architectural Green Building
    Environmental-friendly Building Products. Innovation and competiveness in the building sector by enabling the introduction and widespread use of next-generation building energy technologies
  • Cultured Stone
    Cultured Stone veneers meet AC-51 criteria, the strictest requirements in the industry. Products are available in more than 21 textures and more than 100 colors. So please explore the products listed below and follow the link to the Cultured Stone web site. See for yourself why Cultured Stone is the preferred name in stone.
  • Clay Brick
    Morin, Pinehall, Redland, Summitville, Triangle. Variety, aesthetic appeal, flexibility, and construction advantages
  • Architectural Cast Stone
    Highly refined precast building stone. Architectural Cast Stone is a highly refined architectural precast building stone manufactured to simulate natural cut stone

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